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Our workshop works on all the barriers which prevent efficient communication. Through experimentation of all the instruments of communication (voice, posture, intonation etc) we improve each person’s unique skills, providing them with the all the virtues of a good communicator.

The 5 stages of our workshop:

1 - Communication

• good communication resolves many business problems;

• numbers talk;

• know how to listen; active listening.

2 - Behaviour vs communication
• the power of an image;

• to know how to seduce and not to improvise;

• the voice is a very powerful instrument;

• do to be understood; be clear and sure; be yourself; simple concrete speeches; be confident and know your theme.

3 - Body
posture, attitude and presence;

• work on movements and correct posture

4 - Interpretation and presentation
• What we want to say v what the audience retains – very important!;

• Find a good argument to have audience conviction;

• Kinetics (movements), Proxemics (relation with space) and Paralinguistics (voice);

• Body language.

5 - Protocol
knowing the rules of business protocol

 Improving the way we communicate;
2) Exploring communication skills;
3) Tools to improve our self confidence;
4) Experience, exhibition and experimentation;
5) Using our emotions and positive thinking as communication instruments.

Academy of Communicators


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