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The Strength of Expression

The Strength of Expression

The act of communicating isn´t just putting a message into words.

Between communicator and receiver there is a complex exchange of behavioural codes, that decisively influence the assimilation of speech. Everything about us communicates: the way we dress, our facial expressions, the position of our hands, the way we cross our legs, the pauses we take and the intonation we use. And only mastering all these variables, makes each one of us a good communicator. An ability that, when worked on, can be greatly improved.

In this context, the Academy of Communicators emerged. It is a project focused on offering multiple skills in the art of communication. In our workshop we get rid of inhibitions, rectify insecurities and enhance performance, always with a holistic approach to communication. A process of enrichment that, afterwards, will have great practical application in both the personal and professional life of the student.

Academy of Communicators

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